We’ve seen it everywhere; television, newspapers, magazines and movies.Cheating on wives and girlfriends by men has been on the rise the last few years. We need to ask why a man is willing to risk the most important relationship he has for a one night stand? One of the assumptions among many is that men cheat because they know that they cannot get caught? One assumption is that men think they won’t get caught. Is this the truth? Then lets investigate to find out why men cheat and turn to escorts. It’s been discussed that men are beings of sexuality, and women are emotional ones.But it needs to be said that men are also emotional too. They need appreciation as well as affection from their partners. Polygamy has been accepted for men in society’s eyes because of he way we define them. Often its ok for men to have more than one partner.Many men will cheat if they feel society accepts this. When having more than one partner a man appears to be more manly to society. Men will cheat with escorts in the town of surrey because of a lack of appreciation. In order to feel appreciated a man will turn to someone else. Most men have a lot to worry about. From taking care of the bills to advancing in their careers. Women end unintentionally neglecting their spouses because of their owns worries with running the house and being there for the children. The other woman makes the man feel valued, cherished and accepted. Just as children behave men will do the same. They may appear strong and sheltered from the outside, but on the inside they are hoping to feel valued, loved and appreciated. Some men will claim that they will cheat in relationships that they consider stale. They have been with this same woman for years. They no longer see the relationship as fresh or exciting. As a result they go looking for a new relationship that will bring back some of the adventure. An Great escorts essex ends up being a good match for these men because they escorts are looking for men with these same needs.They will make sure the guy is treated to new activities and exposures that will keep them looking for more opportunities. Most men are in search of excitement and can quickly get bored with routine.Men have a want to win and will go out there with that in mind. Men have admitted that the women they were after were not as good looking as their spouses, research has shown. In order to get attention from a woman men are willing to look somewhere else. Attention is very important to men so if they can’t get it at home, they will look for anyone else who makes them feel special. The other woman will know how he wants to be treated and will help him to feel secure. They listen, allow them to talk and express themselves. To keep your partner from stepping out, listening could be the most important thing you do. Power and passion are the driving force behind men and their cheating. Men like to be in charge and it can be difficult for them to be with someone who makes more. Women are intoxicated with romance as men are with power. Likewise with romance or passion. Usually couples stop date night after marriage. Often this leads to boredom in the relationship. Breaking from the norm helps to make for a healthy relationship. Many men will turn to an escort service if this is missing from the marriage. By nature, men prefer outgoing women who enjoy fun living. Like a child who will search for the perfect friend no matter how many children they need to go through.

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